Turning Stress Into Productivity

Workplace stress is a like the seconds hand of a clock it keeps ticking fast and something or the other keeps happening every now and then. Now combine this with the fact that a regular employee has to attend to his family responsibilities in the morning, try to squeeze in some minimal exercise regime to maintain good health, gulp down breakfast, and then commute to the office in rush hours. Any average Joe will feel stressed out in this scenario of getting to the workplace and then coping with the work deadlines there.

Well, there's one thing a worker has to accept that stress is now an unwritten feature of workplace culture that he has to accept. Instead of fretting and fuming about workplace stress, he can turn it to his advantage and become more productive by resorting to the following:

1. Almost every regular cubicle looks like Moose Miller's lair unkempt and littered. If your cubicle resembles a junkyard, then it's time to clean up. A neat and tidy workplace featuring a proper filing system not just stimulates a worker, it also helps him organize himself better and in the bargain reduce stress.

2. Most of the problematic issues at workplace are stress-related. Nervous colleagues, angry bosses, and edgy and impatient clients all come together to create the stress whirlpool. To counter them, you have to spruce up your psychology skills and try to get along with every one. Judge their behavior, be truthful to them, stay calm even though you feel like flipping your lid and reason your way around them. You will see positive results in some time, which are guaranteed to boost your productivity.

3. Don't let anyone take you for granted. If you say yes to every request, you will lose focus on your own work! Learn to say no politely and see your productivity soar, or at least stay on course.

4. When you are busy, don't let anything or anyone disturb you. Keep the phone on voicemail, don't check the email alerts, and tell your colleagues not to disturb you. This way you'll churn out qualitative work.

5. Don't take too much on your plate take as much as you can do. Doing too much work at one time can ruin your productivity and cause immense stress.

6. Delegate responsibilities let us assume that you are working on 2 or 3 projects at one time. Now we know you're a thorough professional and would like to oversee each project every step of the way. If you do that, you will quickly land up in stress zone. The key to effective and productive management is delegation of work give tasks to your subordinates and save on time, and soon you'll be running a small productive unit.

This is how you can turn potentially stressful workplace situations into productive ones. Good luck!